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photos of the week – 3

beautiful view of one of the valleys in the highlands
black spout waterfall, in Pitlochry
I had only seen this, the Shepherd training his dog to control the sheep, on movies before, so I watched for a few minutes
Loch Ness
even though I looked, I couldn’t see the monster in the loch. there were many of these birds flying around the shore and moving constantly, though
highland bull that I could see on paintings and posters in many places but that I only saw in a field after a week cycling in Scotland

photos of the week – 2

I’m finally in Scotland!
view from Ballantrae harbour
the scenery is quite similar to Ireland
some canals are filled with beautiful and colourful boats
the falls of Falloch
rapids just by Killin village
beautiful valley heading north
Firkin point in Loch Lomond

photos of the week – 1

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As I began my journey on a Wednesday, I’ll be posting my favourite photos this day of the week from now on.

this is my set up to cycle around Europe for the foreseeable future
it’s funny how sheep ignore cars passing by but, when I do, they seem to get scared and run away. yet, if I stop anywhere near them, they approach me slowly but surely
I love thatched cottages
Lough Key, near Boyle, from the road that goes through the forest nearby

Lough Derby from Garrykennedy
from the pier in Lough Arrow
I love waterfalls, this is Glencar, and I always try to get the ‘silky effect’ of the water when photographing them
typical Irish coastline as seen from Bundoran. although it’s not that common to see blue skies and fluffy clouds as well
jorumavi background image
if you want any photo from this website / blog, please contact me, thanks