room with a view – week 4

This week I am going to share with you three images to illustrate another point or technique in photography. I would rather call it a dilemma, to be honest.

for a subject like this that is mostly vertical, a portrait framing could be the best choice

horizontal or vertical

As I mentioned in a previous post, I always take more than one photo of every subject. And, sometimes, the simplest way of producing different images is by just changing the orientation of the camera.

We have to distinguish between a vertical photograph, what we call portrait format, and the horizontal one, usually called landscape format.

even though, with the landscape framing you can also show more of the scene, albeit risking losing the main focal point (the rainbow)

These terms can be confusing, but they are only ways of referring to the orientation of the image, not the subject being photographed.

They are called thus because, more often than not, portraits are best depicted by vertical images and landscapes by horizontal ones.

Yet, adding some interesting element in the foreground of your picture can help you decide which of the two formats would work better for this particular subject.

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